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   WHO AM I   

Why Summiting Wolf you might ask? Well that is easy- my name is CJ Wolf and I have become obsessed with summiting high peaks. I lived in Aspen for a few years in the '90s and I hiked Mt. Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado at 14,439, and then moved to NorCal where I summited Mt. Shasta but I didn't become obsessed with summiting until I moved to Park City in 2016. It is hard to explain the motivation to summit because I have hiked with many people that love to hike but are not driven to summit. I like to quote my wise young nephew in-law that said, "if you aren't summiting then you are just out for a walk in the woods". Don't get me wrong- I still enjoy a good hike with my wife, dog or friends even if it doesn't involve summiting but their is something special about standing on top of a peak with your arms raised saying to your self- I concurred this peak. 

This site was meant to share my experiences with others which will hopefully offer guidance or motivation to explore. It is not only about summiting peaks but it includes other outdoor adventures as any outdoor experience can be monumental. 

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