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  • CJ Wolf

Skiing Beartrap Glades in Big Cottonwood

2019 was turning into a darn good winter and we were in the middle of nice snow cycle so Zach and I headed to my go to safe zone- Beartrap Glades which is right behind The Canyons Resort. We exited the 9990 gate at The Canyons and then did a quick skin behind Dutch Draw heading towards Silver. These glades are low angle area that faces northwest and opens up to some nice, although relatively short runs. The snow was cold chalk, blower powder ; the type of snow that makes Utah home to the "world's greatest snow". After skiing down to the ravine, we put our skins back on and headed back up.

When we got back up to ridge, we decided to drop in on the east side of Willow Ridge as it was glowing in the morning sunshine. Since it was east facing, it had been exposed to the sun for a few hours but the low January sun hadn't turned the pristine snow into manky potatoes yet.

After that amazing run, we headed northeast back towards the resort. Once on the Dutch Draw ridge, we traversed over to the next bowl, McDonald Draw. Zach went first skiing out into the bowl which looked like a big line from Alaska as it was wide open and fairly steep.

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